Ex-leader’s brother ‘led death squad’ in Sri Lanka

A police report has implicated the brother of a former Sri Lankan president saying he directed a top secret death squad that targeted journalists and dissidents. The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) told the Mount Lavinia magistrate’s court on Monday that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa – who was defence minister during the rule of his brother, Mahinda – led a unit…

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Freedom Of Speech And Defamation In Sri Lanka: Where To Draw The Line

Sri Lankans are not entirely unfamiliar with the word “defamation”. You do hear, for instance, news of one politician suing another for millions of rupees over something that was said by the latter politician, which the former found offensive or unpalatable. Most Sri Lankans are therefore aware that “defamation” is some kind of limitation on the freedom of…

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Colombo’s structural genocide against Eezham Tamils reaches its peak in Mullaiththeevu[Tamilnet]

The structural genocide being waged by Colombo against the nation of Eezham Tamils has reached its peak in Mullaiththeevu district, particularly in Karai-thur’aip-pattu, says NPC Councillor T. Ravikaran in an interview to TamilNet. Tamil fishermen being systematically deprived of even accessing one of their fishing jetty (vaadi) is the latest contention. All the coastal points with vaadis have been seized from Tamils and given to Sinhalese. Tamil people were able to freely engage in their livelihood during the times of the LTTE. But, now they have fallen victims to the structural genocide although the physical genocide ended in May 2009. The Sinhala fishermen, who have been brought from South are using all possible means of banned forms of fishing destroying the fishing ecosystem, the Tamil fishermen complain. Full story >>

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