Dear Mayor John Tory,

I heard that you are in Sri Lanka with our Councilor Neethan Shan. Neethan Anna is the best choice in town to take you on a trip to that beautiful Island Nation.
CP24 is saying that you’ll be visiting just Colombo. But.. I wish that you could go visit my people from Northern province as well. If you are end up going to visit my brothers and sisters from Mullaitivu, Kilinotchi and Jaffna, please do let them know that you are our Mayor where we are able to sleep peacefully.

Let them know that you witnessed us fighting long and hard during those horrific times in 2009. Please do mention the inconveniences caused by us to you during that time when we blocked your City Streets and even Highways in our desperate attempt to save innocent Tamils. Tell them.. we still feel guilty about living in a country which turned blind eye when they were being massacred by the Genocidal Government of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Mayor, if you end up walking on those Tar covered streets, please step gently as my brothers and sisters are still sleeping underneath. When talking to my people, please talk loud as they may not hear you well since they heard multi barrels and artilleries bombing them on a daily basis.

Please sit down while talking to them as them may not be able to walk with you while talking as they ran too much for past 69 years.
Don’t feel bad if they invite you to have dinner under the tree since my people lost almost half of their land to the brutal army occupying the Northern province.

Dont hold back to hug one of our mothers as she may be waiting for her beloved son to come back home for past 9 years. If mother calls you son, don’t hesitate to respond to her as she may not even know the difference anymore.

Dont hesitate to tell the government of Sri Lanka that we Tamils are not #terrorists. We have been labeled as such by the Sri Lanka’s authoritarian government which is systematically​ destroying everything that belongs to Tamils.

Don’t be surprised to see the Army conducting civil duties including farming, managing hospitality​ establishments, allocating teachers to schools and even controlling produce Markets.

Lastly, please be very careful with #Whitevans as we don’t want you to disappear just like our brothers and sisters did.

Mr. Mayor, we will see you soon.

Ordinary Torontonian

K N Facebook
March 16th 2017.