srilanka flag downHow do Native American people really feel each time the 4th of July is celebrated in the United States? A friend of mine has a shirt featuring an Indian warrior with the words, “Fighting Terrorism Since 1492” and that seems to define both the irony and insanity of the USA’s never ending boastful celebration of its own ideals.

Each time a society comes to view itself as superior to to others, it has entered its own downfall. This seems especially true of both the U.S. and Sri Lanka.

The day Sri Lanka’s gained independence from British rule, 4th February 1948, was a black day for Eelam Tamils. This minority culture in the north of this island nation labored for self preservation for three decades, from ’48 through ’78 … amid an atmosphere of state terrorism and violence.

Support for the Tamils has always flowed across the sea from India. Their cause for liberation which was in the end painted as ‘terrorism’ was in fact the product of a desperate struggle for equality and the survival of their very culture.

For more than a half century, the Tamil nation has endured severe oppression by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese State which represents both the government, and about 85% of the country’s ethnic makeup. Through systematic discriminatory legislation and a series of violent atrocities against the Tamil people, there has been no independence tied to the 4th of February for Tamils.

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